Aluminium Windows & Doors in Rockhampton

Durable & Stylish

Energy efficiency, affordability, and functionality—if these three words caught your attention

You’ve come to the right place at AB Glazing. Aluminium windows and doors are a contemporary and stylish addition to any home, offering excellent energy savings and unbeatable comfort. Our glaziers travel across Rockhampton, Gracemere, the Capricorn Coast, and surrounding areas to provide high end aluminium windows and doors for homes and commercial applications.

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Sliding windows

Easy to operate, economical, and timeless – sliding windows are a best-seller at AB Glazing. We offer several sliding styles with customisable panels, which we label with Xs and Os.

To determine which panel style is right for your home, simply step outside and inspect your window’s exterior. Our Xs and Os symbolise which direction your panel will slide from.

XO: the sliding panel will be to your left.
OX: the sliding panel will be to your right.
OXXO: the sliding panels will slide outwards.
XOX: the sliding panels will slide into the centre from the outside.

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Double-hung windows

Ideal for maximum ventilation, double-hung windows offer a slimline appearance and invites plenty of natural light. Suitable for both modern and heritage constructions, these stylish windows are an excellent choice for compact spaces. The panels slide up and down within the frame without impacting on valuable floor space.

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Casement windows

Casement windows are a clean, streamlined choice for the modern homeowner. Thanks to their sleek and compact design, casement windows are highly popular with modern and older homes. Hinged on either the right or left slide, casement windows swing outwards—similar to hinged doors. They’re a wonderful choice for wide-open gardens or in places with picturesque views.

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Awning windows

Our awning windows can look modern or retro, depending on your choice of sash. These stylish windows boast great versatility—they can be placed high or low on a wall, grouped or spaced apart, and sashes can be narrow or wide. The size, placement, and choice of sash will alter the architectural effect.

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Louvre windows

An exemplification of French elegance, louvre windows make a bold statement and allow unbeatable airflow control. Designed for effortless cleaning and smooth operation, these statement windows are sure to become a focal point. Designed to last, our exquisite Louvre windows will allow natural light to illuminate your living space for decades to come.

Sliding Door With Curtain — AB Glazing In Rockhampton, QLD

Sliding doors

Versatile and functional, sliding doors are a smart choice for small homes and apartments. If your home features wide doorways, whether internal or external, sliding doors are the perfect choice due to their compact design and ease of use. Simply slide your doors open to amplify your living space or keep them closed for maximum privacy and noise control.

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Stacker doors

Stacker doors will broaden your home’s potential and bring the outside in. They’re the perfect choice for wide doorways, balconies, or porches where folding doors simply aren’t an option. Glass stacker doors allow homeowners to enjoy calming natural light and views without compromising on temperature, noise, or airflow.

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Commercial windows & doors

Our scope isn’t limited to residential spaces. All of our window and door options are also available to commercial clients—so if you’re a builder, developer, or shop owner in Rockhampton, get in touch today. We’d love to discuss how our aluminium windows and doors can benefit you.

For most door and window brands, we also offer maintenance and repairs. To schedule a free measure and quote with AB Glazing, call us today. Our glaziers install aluminium windows and doors throughout Rockhampton, Gracemere, the Capricorn Coast, and surrounding areas.